Telecommunication Solutions

We have been one of the hyperactive companies for the past 5 years in the growing field of Telecommunication systems, by growing our business with the world renowned "Avaya", to be one of its trusted partners in Egypt, the Middle East and the North African market.

It has been our mission to expand this partnership for distributing Avaya's products, and to further guarantee a full customer support and post-sale maintenance through our highly experienced engineers and technicians.

Our mission is to contribute in the ever-growing industry and supply our clients with the latest technologies in the telecommunications market, building customer confidence in Rock-Solid solutions to guarantee the flawless achievement of their business communications.

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Environmental Solutions

With a rapidly growing direction towards saving the environment and using a clean source of energy, it has been one of our targets to contribute in the international market with the very popular "Atlantis Solar".

Since 1988, Atlantis has catapulted from its status as an unknown start-up businesses to one of the most reputable, visible and trustworthy names in technology integration, wind energy and solar technology, known today as Atlantis Solar and Wind, with their worldwide known Trade Mark as "Atlantis Solar".

Atlantis Solar name started in 2004 as a major brand name, and today they are one of the largest exporters and processors/producers of solar technology products from eastern Asia to the South Atlantic.

Together with "Atlantis", adopting the "GO GREEN" global campaign, we bring you our wide range of solar products from LED Bulbs to Air Conditioners & Water Heaters in reach of your hands with an affordable price.

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Smart SIM Solutions

HAS Engineering positions itself as a mobile solution provider and SIM card supplier, with the proven objective of promoting to Mobile Network Operators (MNO) the best value for money proposition in terms of digital security, authentication and subscriber acquisition and lifecycle management.

Our aim is to provide the best in the SIM products range and mobile solutions, and to propose the largest range of value added services through a century of combined expertise management.

We offer various products for our (MNO) Mobile Network Operator Customers:

Classical SIM Products:



Advanced SIM Products:





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